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Win, draw and loss % vs other armies (click "+" for detail; "#" denotes battles fought; member + enemy*)

based on all results (1 battle = 2 results, eg. Dwarfs beat Skaven = Dw win + Sk Loss)

* battles evidenced with external links or notes of 1,000+ characters

** current army books - only includes battles added involving current edition armies (1)

Note: "Current army books" is based on battle added date so it can include old battles only recently added

(1) Battles added after these releases months:- Army Book release dates (Wikipedia)
 Overall RecordW%D%L%#
+Warriors of Chaos 508431444
+Daemons of Chaos 49644895
+Dark Elves 49843997
+Dwarfs 4810421102
+High Elves 479431559
+Skaven 469451013
+Ogre Kingdoms 46945991
+Lizardmen 45946964
+The Empire 459461235
+Wood Elves 45947722
+Orcs and Goblins 4410461225
+Bretonnia 43949776
+Vampire Counts 427501083
+Beastmen 40950582
+Tomb Kings 37657518
Bretonnian Pegasus Knight High Elf Dragon Prince Champion Warhammer Dwarf Slayer Warhammer Nigh Goblin Netter Chaos Mounted Bloodletter Ogre Mournfang Cavalry