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Li - Lizardmen; OK - Ogre Kingdoms; OG - Orcs and Goblins; Sk - Skaven, TE - The Empire;
TK - Tomb Kings; VC - Vampire Counts; WC - Warriors of Chaos; WE - Wood Elves

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IDDateMemberArmyEnemyWDLBest UnitBest TroopsBest PhaseLuckFunNLnkAvg# 
7514 20-Jul-14OgreWargamingOKDCWCustH MCav Combat5573 V7.867
6674 15-Jun-14OgreWargamingOKWELCustL MInf Magic 5064 V8.569
5940 29-May-14OgreWargamingOKTEWCustL MInf Combat5083 V8.676
5938 29-May-14OgreWargamingOKVCLRareU Mon Combat5063 V8.437
5452 06-May-14OgreWargamingOKDCWCustH MInf Combat5060 V8.679
5450 06-May-14OgreWargamingOKTEWSpecU MCav Combat5067 V8.258
5138 18-Apr-14OgreWargamingOKBrWSpecU MInf Magic 61100 V8.297
5134 18-Apr-14OgreWargamingOKLiWCoreU Inf Move 5067 V8.005
4540 19-Mar-14OgreWargamingOKBrWSpecU MCav Combat6456 V9.0013
4172 03-Mar-14OgreWargamingOKHEWCoreU MInf Combat5937 V7.339
4170 03-Mar-14OgreWargamingOKOKWCoreU MInf Combat3957 V8.009
4166 03-Mar-14OgreWargamingOKBrWRareU Mon Move 5060 V7.836
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