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User's Hobby Choices - from user profiles
(members own 3.4 armies on average, 63% are painted)

Beastmen 98655162388
Bretonnia 1247858676043
Daemons of Chaos 109723851105125
Dark Elves 1347554718290
Dwarfs 16910852988158
High Elves 17913131918453
Lizardmen 1407962762041
Ogre Kingdoms 1228166774375
Orcs and Goblins 18911836994511
Skaven 13573307712793
The Empire 17610454843723
Tomb Kings 102626155237
Vampire Counts 15210363856869
Warriors of Chaos 166115599291165
Wood Elves 1247767774655

Vampire Counts Miniatures
Collections (%) - from user profiles

% of collectors that own, have painted etc... the column army Label

Reading the table

The table is designed to be read vertically so you can sort the results in order (high to low)
So, using the below image as an example:-

WFB Hobby Statistics

    a "Be" army is owned by 38% of "Warriors of Chaos" army owners
    a "Be" army is owned by 33% of "Vampire Counts" army owners, alternatively...
    to read across... 33% of "Vampire Counts" army owners also own a "Be" army.
If you use the dropdown box, simply substitute the "owned" in the explanation above with "wanted", "feared" etc.
RED text highlights higher numbers, SILVER text for lower numbers

Beastmen 1003243324428363151374822385429
Bretonnia 2510029273939313140294727333131
Daemons of Chaos 3933100313530313647384328454927
Dark Elves 2325251003135353045403525334332
Dwarfs 2528222510035243141274223313127
High Elves 1527182633100302240273522282734
Lizardmen 2527243429391003338313628413336
Ogre Kingdoms 2531323343323810052344230343925
Orcs and Goblins 2626273237382833100324123333731
Skaven 2727304033363231451003527303729
The Empire 2733272740352829442710024393336
Tomb Kings 2232293238393836423541100393630
Vampire Counts 2427322935343827412745261004028
Warriors of Chaos 3223323532292828423035223710024
Wood Elves 2331233537484024483151253532100

* Armies of 1000pts or more

  from 628 respondents
Lizardmen Carnosaur Expert Painted