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Leagues - all user created leagues (members & their battles)

#League NameLeague OwnerCreatedMBLast Active 
1Atheniansgreek fire27-Oct-161270629-Aug-19+
2NerWinter's Goblin SlayersNerWinter18-Nov-1420137510-May-17+
3teres - me vs the best here!teres18-Jul-141597910-May-17+
4Warlock's Batrep HeroesWarlock21-Jun-1520108110-May-17+
5Scooby Doo's Orcs and Goblins Player Leaguescoobs05-Nov-151944311-May-16+
6Team Moofreeballer03-Oct-1313223-Jul-17+
7Protectors of the Glade (Wood Elves only)Orion08-Nov-13926924-Apr-16+
8Laughing corpse gaming clubsirhuma11-May-14916714-Sep-14+
9Zena-Italy Fight-for-FunYvraulion30-Aug-1312227-Nov-13+
10Crimson's Bloody Axe LeagueCrimson Axe25-Aug-131014610-May-17+
# = ranks from most active(1) to least (battles per member per day since league creation); M = Members, B = Battles

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