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 RankMemberBattlesWinsDrawsLossesWin %Draw %Loss %
Label Label
Last Active15-Jun-16
Most Used ArmyThe Empire
Most VictoriousThe Empire
Arch EnemyWarriors of Chaos
Steadfast vs.Wood Elves
Leagues In4
League Created 
Most Victorious Warhammer Army
Best BookDark Elves
Worst BookDwarfs
Best MinisDark Elves
Worst MinisDaemons of Chaos
Strongest ArmyDaemons of Chaos
Weakest ArmyBretonnia
Armies Owned9
Armies Painted6
Most beaten WFB Army
Most Victorious = most battles won by; Arch Enemy = most beaten by; Steadfast = most draws vs.
+Dark Elves 100002
+Warriors of Chaos 100002
+Bretonnia 100001
+Lizardmen 100001
+High Elves 7114147
+Ogre Kingdoms 6717176
+Daemons of Chaos 570437
+Dwarfs 570437
+The Empire 5554062
+Vampire Counts 500502
+Wood Elves 430577
+Orcs and Goblins 290717