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User's Army Ratings - from member's "Army Poll" (updated twice a day)

ArmyBookAvg.MiniaturesAvg.Army StrengthAvg.
Beastmen 54.766.044.1
Bretonnia 54.965.855.2
Daemons of Chaos
Dark Elves
High Elves 77.376.877.4
Lizardmen 76.976.976.9
Ogre Kingdoms 77.076.777.2
Orcs and Goblins 76.876.666.0
Skaven 66.166.477.4
The Empire 77.176.766.4
Tomb Kings 65.776.544.4
Vampire Counts 87.577.176.7
Warriors of Chaos 77.377.298.5
Wood Elves 65.776.555.2

 from 351 respondents