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News: 10th Feb
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Reckoning - summary of added battles

ArmyMost Common FoeMost Wins VsMost Losses ToBest Unit TypeBest Troop TypeBest PhaseAvg LuckAvg Fun
Beastmen HEHEWCCustL Inf Combat5168
Bretonnia TETEHECoreU Cav Combat5469
Daemons of Chaos HEHEHECustL Inf Combat5366
Dark Elves WCWCWCSpecU Inf Combat5167
Dwarfs OGOGHESpecU Inf Combat5165
High Elves WCWCWCSpecU Inf Combat4968
Lizardmen HEHEHECustL Inf Combat5167
Ogre Kingdoms WCWCWCSpecU MInf Combat5067
Orcs and Goblins DwHEDwCoreU Inf Combat5266
Skaven HEHEHERareU Inf Combat5166
The Empire HEHEWCSpecU Inf Combat5166
Tomb Kings TEVCHECoreU Inf Magic 5366
Vampire Counts HEHEHECustL Inf Combat5067
Warriors of Chaos HEDEHECustL Inf Combat5266
Wood Elves OGHEOGSpecU Inf Shoot 5265

Unit Types: Spec (Special), Cust (Custom), L (Lord), H (Hero)

Troop Types: Inf (Infantry), M (Monstrous), Cav (Cavalry), Swm (Swarm), W (War), Bea (Beasts), Mon (Monsters), Cha (Chariots), Ma (Machines), Unq (Unique; eg. Dwarf Gyrocopter, Empire Steam Tank, Skaven Doomwheel etc)

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